6 years ago, my friends and me have established a new digital marketing company, marketrue. It was the newest and the hotest business at the time. But now, the digital marketing became a red ocean as we were expected. Everybody jump of the cliffs, expecting that their social platform will works as the way it used to be 6 years ago. To be honest, not many has survived these days.

"How to survived"

I took years in preparing the next step to develop futher capability of our business. But, half way through, I relised that, there is nothing better than the good content platform. Giving you ads in variety of other way than those socail media FB, GG, IG, TWT, and so on.

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What I can do

So I am currently testing various platform, Line Sticker (the stickman), Game Unity Development (not launch yet), Quick Website Template (mktfast, already put down), blog (bizperspective), and even a youtube channel. All these platform, you can get unique identity of your target customer and creat awareness without swimming in the red-ocean anymore.

What you can do

If you find any of the project interesting, and you believed there are business opportunities for us, you are welcome to contact me. Or, you would like to support, buy my Line Sticker (Stickman v.2 Thai) or just go and watch my youtube channel (Natt's Time). New Merchs will come soon.


I am neither hard to find nor easy. If you find this website, chances you already found me somewhere else. So, find me here. And don't use that contact form just yet, I am toooo lazy to linkup to my mail.


My plan is to do some more stuff which I don't know just yet.